Anyone can be a gigolo but how!

I’m an expert playboy working in New Delhi and NCR, India.

My clients incorporate young ladies and ladies from well-off and working-class families, corporate females, housewives, and composition young ladies.

Through this blog, I will share my astonishing excursion, from being a geeky fellow with glasses, to turning into a best delight machine playboy.

I used to believe that to be a companion or a male escort one must be tall and attractive with an enormous bundle. False. I have normal looks, a typical body, and a small package.

What ladies are drawn to is something different completely.

To be a fruitful playboy you want to get familiar with a few essential things. With this blog entry, I’m attempting to cover all inquiries and disarrays in regards to How could I at any point become a Gigolo?


I generally get the inquiry of what age is great. My response is simple: market interest. Assuming you see no matter age that individuals need, your benefit.

Where to track down clients?

There are a ton of individuals on this planet. Yet, the least expensive method for finding clients is through the web to get a gigolo job. Make a show on yourself with pictures, and reach out to young ladies.

Is there any sentiment in this work?

Indeed, however not with the clients. It’s alright to deal with a client like a companion, however never as a date! NEVER! The last thing a companion needs is a client with a squash.


Never to this. You don’t associate with your chief, and the clients are your chief. Never consider them to be companions, similarly to your chief. On the off chance that it was not for them, you won’t get any cash.


Continuously let them know the cost, and that you are a playboy. It is truly unsafe to not tell the cost. Young ladies or young men are not so acquainted with the possibility of folks selling sex. Try not to give them that shock.

The most effective method to live?

To be empowered to engage in sexual relations so frequently, it’s vital to work out, practice good eating habits and get sufficient rest. I can’t say how significant the last one is.

Test yourself!

Go out, track down the most ridiculously revolting chick in the bar, and do her. At the point when you are clearheaded. Then recurrent this multiple times. In the event that you, have an OK outlook on it, you are prepared to begin working a gigolo job.

Presently Some Pro tips for the individuals who are requesting How to get and where to get female clients!

Go outside, mark a few spots where young ladies and women go for excursions, and attempt to reach out to a few irregular females.

Present yourself as a gigolo job with full certainty.

Present yourself with as additional females as could be expected.

Plan some respectable business with no hostile words like “Allow me an opportunity” and “Get some delight” and add just your email ID on it. Intriguing Females will mail you without a doubt.

Be proficient, Don’t act like a frantic or sex hunger individual.

Go to bars, discos, great eateries, or gatherings and focus on certain clients. You’ll get a few contacts without a doubt. For joining please visit gigolomania.



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